The great thing about TransX is that if your willing to work hard and learn, the TransX team is willing to teach you the business.  The only opportunity not available to you in TransX is the one you are not willing to pursue.

Peter McDonald, Director of Safety

Employment Opportunities
Founded on passion and determination in 1963 by Louie Tolaini, TransX has steadily grown to become the largest private carrier in Canada by virtue of an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to developing people.

A philosophy of hiring talented and capable people and fostering an environment in which they can get on with the job of satisfying our customers' needs has proved a powerful driver of success.

If you have a passion to succeed in a challenging industry; if second best is not quite good enough for you; if you are a self starter who wants to be given an opportunity to build a career where your rewards are based on your effort and ability, we are the place for you.

Not everyone makes the TransX team. Those who do are part of a high performing team committed to the success of our customers, our team, and ourselves.