Owner-Operator Program
Be your own boss, with the support of TransX behind you.

Owner operators are the foundation from which TransX was built, and their success and profitability continues to play a key role in TransX’s own growth. As such, TransX is committed assisting our owner operators in meeting the many challenges facing them in today’s economy.  Not only do we provide a stable and growing company to work for, we have Implemented many programs and initiatives aimed at reducing our owner operators’ risk and and giving them the support they need to be successful. These include highly competitive pay packages, a quality fuel program and TransX’s Xcellent miles program are all aimed at giving our owner operators what they need to be successful. Other benefits include:

  • Tailored individual and team rates for divisions/regions where TransX operates for all miles operated; loaded, empty, or bobtailing as long as tractor is being operated under TransX dispatch
  • Pay for all stops, loads, unloads
  • Hourly Rate For Authorized Work Time
  • Pay for pulling Haz-Mat loads
  • Paid Plates
  • Paid Tolls
  • Paid Permits
  • Transx Fuel Program
  • T-Check cards for fuel and weekly cash advance
  • I- Pass
  • Satellite Dispatch
  • Weekly pay
  • Emailed pay statements

TransX’s Independent Operator Lease Program

If your desire is to become an independent operator in charge of your own business, then you will likely be interested in TransX’s Independent Operator Lease Program, which is designed to help make owning a truck more affordable. Through our volume purchasing power, TransX buys quality trucks at industry leading prices and then leases them to drivers at financing rates that are typically much lower than normally available to most drivers. As a result, owner operators with TransX benefit from TransX’s buying and financing power, whether they are buying their first truck or their fifth. For more information on this program, talk to one of our dedicated Lease Program staff.